Gutters Soffits and Fascias Cleaning Helensburgh, Dumbarton, Glasgow, Wishaw & Surrounding Areas

Gutter Clearing

Gutters should be inspected and cleared out regularly.  From every 6 months to 2 years.  At SH Pressure Washing we have invested in a Gutter vacuum.  
This makes clearing out your gutters possible from the safety of the ground.  By using multiple poles and a variety of attachments we can safely empty gutters up to 3 stories high.
Gutters are normally clogged up with organic growth such as moss which can build up on your roof and over time fall down into the gutter pipe.  
By making sure your gutters are free from organic growth, it can ensure that the rain water can easily run into the gutter and exit via the down pipe.

If you can currently see grass or weeds groing from your gutter then now is probably the best time to consider getting them emptied.
With clogged up gutters, this increases the risk of water damage inside your house. Not only does water build up cause the water to over flow and start dripping below, it can also cause water and moisture to eventualy seek its way through the roof into the loft and down the walls down to the foundations causing damp and mould.  
This will no doubt lead to costly repairs that can be prevented.

Soffit and Fascia Cleaning

Along with emptying your gutters we can also clean the underside of the gutters, the soffits and the fascias.  Like with gutter clearing we can do this from working safely at ground level.  SH Pressue Washing achieve this using a telescopic pole with a brush attachment capable of reaching up to 3 stories high. 

To clean these surfaces we have a detergent feeder which we connect inbetween hoses.  When the water flows from the tap through the hose it mixes in with the detergent and will spray out of fan jets located in the brush head.

Usually we recommend getting your soffits and fascias cleaned every 1-2 years.  The reason we suggest this is that the longer they go unattended, the more likely they will stain making it near impossible to get back to its former glory.”


Read what our clients have to say about our services

Scott first attended our home and gave a very competitive quote. The job after that was first class. Carried out to a highly professional standard. Scott is very polite and courteous. I would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to use Scott’s services. 5 Stars
Kris McCarroll
20:14 09 Jul 18
Great company to work with, top quality pressure washing.
Alex Toma
09:25 08 Mar 19
Scott did a remarkable job on my drive. Was amazed at the difference between before the job and after. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about brightening up the outside of their homes at such a reasonable rate!
Robbie Wilson
17:23 10 Jun 18


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